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The Company

After 40 years of experience in this sector, Gianni Erba together with his son Carlo, founded INDIKON in 2005, a leader company in production and distribution of carpets and rugs.
Together with the subsidiary company Berry Mills, Indikon disposes of looms and production centers in India, with offices located in the USA, Italy, India and Japan.
The carpets are hand-woven and hand-knotted from skilled weavers on vertical and horizontal looms.
A Warranty Certificate ensures the uniqueness of each carpet in which the handcraft without child labour, is guaranteed.
The precious craftsmanship in hand and the experience acquired by the company through the years in this sector make every rug produced unique and inimitable.
Indikon can produce custom made carpets and you can rent our products for photografic services, faires and events.
From classic to contemporary style, INDIKON makes carpets suitable for every space, answering all market demands.