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With the program TAILOR MADE launched by Carpet Edition, every rug becomes unique piece. The program TAILOR MADE giving the possibility to a sophisticated public to be able to ask for a personalized rug with the tastes of the single client.
Exclusive realizations, important rugs of refined modernity and projects studied ad hoc, are the most important aspects of the development of this program that intends to give to an evolved client the opportunity to have a unique.
With this project, Carpet Edition intends to suggest a new different vision of the rug that also maintaining unchanged the values of tradition and artisanship, overcome them to become an actual and innovative object to insert in sober, modern and metropolitan interiors. The rugs TAILOR MADE are realized in Europe according to the technique Hand Tuft. There are in 100 % pure virgin wool of the New Zeland. The rugs TAILOR MADE can be personalized in colours, in size, in form, in pile height and in technique of workmanship. All the creations guarantee the oneness of the product.
With the project TAILOR MADE you can realize any rug beginning from a plan in autocad, from a rendering but also only beginning from a photo, from a fabric or from a freehand drawing.
Besides, you can use the support of our technical office that will provide to elaborate a graphic plan rated to develop any your idea.Carpet Edition will be happy to offer you its experience, to propose samples, ideas and control of the handwork that is performed by our artisans.
Keep in mind that the time of delivery is only 30 days.

The rug can be personalized:
- in the drawing
- in the size (with maximum breadth of 5 mt)
- in the form (round forms, irregular forms or rugs for the staircases can be realized)
- in colours (99 colours for quality New Zealand)
- in the workmanship of the pile (loop or all cut)
- in the height of the pile (12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 20 mm)
- besides, there is the possibility to affix the logo of the buyer in an angle of the carpet

1. Design of the rug
Sent us the drawing that you want to reproduce on the rug or choose in the existing designs of our collection.
If you don’t have the possibility to send us a rated file, our inside technical office will take care to develop your idea and to send you a rendering for approval.

2. Choice of the size of and the colours
Specify the size of rug and the numerical references of the colours that you find suitable on the pompons in the box.

3.Choice of the pile height and workmanship of the rug
You can choose the height of the pile of the rug: loop 10 mm or all cut 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 20 mm.
Besides you can use carvings and different heights of pile in an only rug to give it relief and movement.

4. Realization of the rug
The carpet comes hand tuft and it is realizes in 30 days in our factory.


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