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My Carpet Edition


With the My Carpet Edition project, each rug becomes unique piece, as well as the perfect furniture to dress a sober, up-to-date and metropolitan space.
The most demanding customer can realize his carpet ad hoc, achieving a modern and innovative article, but also maintaining the values of tradition and craftsmanship.

My Carpet Edition rugs are made in Europe with the manual tufting method starting from an autocad project, a rendering, but also a simple photo, a fabric or a freehand drawing.
The delivery is only 30 days and Carpet Edition is happy to offer its experience, to propose samples, ideas and control of the handwork that is performed by our artisans.


  • in the DRAWING
  • in the SIZE
  • in the SHAPE
  • in the COLOURS
  • in the WORKMANSHIP of the pile

There is the also the possibility to affix the logo of the buyer in a corner of the rug.


  1. Request colors available Ask in advance for the colors available in the various material qualities.
  2. Design of the rug Send us the design you want to reproduce on the carpet or choose from the plain colours of our collection. If you don’t have the possibility to send us a rated file, our inside technical office will take care to develop your idea and to send you a rendering for approval.
  3. Choice of the size and the colours Specify the size of rug and the numerical references of the suitable colours. You find these referrals on the RGB-codes association pdf or on the pompons in the box.
  4. Choice of the pile height and workmanship of the rug You can choose from loop 10 mm or all cut 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 20 mm.
    In order to give relief and movement you can also use carvings and different pile heights in an only rug.

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